New Best Pixie Haircut Ideas

Pixie Haircut, Women love the benefits of short haircuts, which can be quite sexy when properly styled. While the model Twiggy avant-garde made the short cut of the 60s socially acceptable, today stars like Posh (Victoria Beckham) and Emma Watson stand for the rediscovery of the new best pixie Cut ideas for 2019 godfather. While ladies used to wear their hair shorter and shorter with increasing age, today young women in their 20s and 30s already love this style, try it out and often reinvent themselves.

Best Pixie Haircut Ideas

Women in particular wear short hairstyles. This has not only practical, but often also hormonal reasons: For example, androgenetic hair loss (alopecia), which in combination with a long hair wreath is usually rather unkempt.

While in other cultures and not so long ago long male hair was and still is a symbol of strength and potency, in Western culture this symbolism of long hair has changed: At the latest with the sad events of 11 September – sociological studies have shown this – long hair was increasingly replaced as a sex symbol by short hair in connection with the long neglected beard. More and more frequently found in urban areas, the popularity of this not too surprising women look is growing.


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