Beautiful Pixie And Bob Short Hairstyles 2019

Short hairstyle is always beautiful and never goes out of fashion. That’s because asymmetrical cuts look good on all faces and are so easy to care for. Short should not be too much for you. Because the good news is that short asymmetrical bobs will fit your style.

Short Hairstyle With Asymmetric Bob Shape
Short hairstyle with a nice variant! To make your Bob even more stylish, you can curl your hair and give more volume. If you want to make your asymmetric Bob even nicer, add a touch of color and the magic is in your hands. Short Bob is beautiful in every color so it does not matter if you are blond or brunette. You will definitely have a very hot look.

Short hairstyle with asymmetrie looks very edgy on any woman. The little highlight of the color at the end of the tips will make you look more gorgeous. You can opt for pink highlights and this can be a big step to change up your hairstyle. Adding a few colors will make your mood even more perfect.


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